2009 11 Sep


Author: Apostle Don Moody

In the early 80’s I went  into the Military.
Once in the Marines I accepted the office and responsibility of Religious Lay leader. This first formal assignment gave me insight into my true vocation for God.

Once seperated honorably, I trained daily for years with Senior Pastor and Prophet Ricky Pack. I studied and was tested along with on the job training at hospitals, nursing homes, and evangelistic work to include visiting many Churches.

I was ordained in May of 2003 and immediately was led into the wilderness by the Holy Spirit. A tremendous amount of heartache and tragedy gave me the compassionate heart that I possess today.

I came out of the wilderness in April of 2007 as an Apostle of Christ Jesus and I rejoined my ordaining church, Family Worship Center. I am an active member at FWC and also currently the Senior Pastor at Creekside assisted living in Frederick Md.

This assignment has me ministering to people who have come up in all types of religion and are sometimes weeks away from glory. It is a serious responsibility ensuring that these people are in right standing with God so that they are “ready” to meet the Creator.

My dedication has continued by becoming a Senior Chaplain and ministering to drug addicts, suicide prevention and taken my zeal for the lost into the jails and prison system. This website will allow anyone in the world to learn the True Power of God unto Salvation which is the understanding of the Cross.

I am truly fortunate to know Jesus and be used by God!